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The Fish Nutrition Laboratory (FNL) was established in 1997 in the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Working through USAINS Holdings Ltd. and Sanggar Sains Ltd., the commercial arm of the university, FNL provide nutrition analytical services, contract scientific research, specialized training and various focused consultancy services in the area of aquaculture and aquafeeds.

Aquaculture Research Facility

The Aquaculture Research Facility offers contract research services, research training and research support to various commercial companies, government departments, international organizations and interested individuals. Research facilities include several 100L flow-through freshwater aquaria systems housed within a fully controlled environment. This facility is well equipped for controlled research and testing on new diet formulations, feed additives, dietary supplements, novel ingredients, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals, etc. Comparative growth performance studies with different aquatic animal genetic strains are also conducted. A modified tilapia egg hatching facility is available for research use. Longer-termed growth studies using larger sized aquatic animals are conducted in a series of 0.5 tonne round fibreglass tanks with semi-recirculating systems housed under a roofed open culture area. Also available are a series of one tonne tanks suitable for long-term growth experiments as well as fish and prawn breeding experiments.
A selected list of organizations that have used some of FNL services include:

Nutrition Analytical Facility

The FNL is internationally recognized as a major research center for tilapia nutrition and for lipid research. Access to modern analytical facilities such as gas-liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, proximate composition analysis, transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, microbial count and identification, tissue histology, etc., are available. Small and medium-scale facilities for the cold extrusion of experimental feeds are available for use. In collaboration with other local research institutions, facilities for disease challenge tests, seafood organoleptic evaluation and equipment used for nutrigenomics studies can be sourced. These analytical services are available for the feed and food sectors in aquaculture. Other than analysis of feed and food samples, the FNL also provides advice on aquafeed formulation and feeding management. Companies requiring expertise in aquatic animal nutrition and an independent confidential analysis of various nutrition-related issues will greatly benefit from our experience.

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Prof. Ng Wing Keong
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* Deakin University, Australia
* Department of Agriculture, Sarawak, Malaysia
* Alltech Inc., Lexington, Kentucky, USA
* WorldFish Center, Malaysia
* Skretting Company Ltd., Japan
* National Renderers Association Inc., Hong Kong
* Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia
* Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
* Sunzen Biotech Berhad., Malaysia
* Pristine Distributions (M) Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
* Xian Leng Holdings Berhad, Malaysia
* Cheroh Aquatic Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
* Dragon Gateway Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

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