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Within G09 building are five main research laboratories, namely, Plant Pathology Laboratory, Phytochemistry Laboratory, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and Fish Biology Laboratory. The G09 building also houses teaching laboratories for Plant Pathology, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Academic staff offices are located within the two buildings.

The School of Biological Sciences had undergone very rapid development since it was established in 1969. Today the School has over 40 full-time and well-trained academic staff with expertise in various fields of biological sciences. The academic staff are well supported by technical staff, tutors and science officers either for teaching or research. As such, the School is able to offer up-to-date courses in biology, which are of high academic quality.

The School of Biological Sciences offers two undergraduate degrees, Bachelor of Science (Hons.) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons.). Both degrees features multidisciplinary training ranging from the basic biological sciences to the more applied aspects ones (Please refer to the undergraduate programmes of the School for more information on the biology thrust areas offer in pure science and applied science degrees).

The School is offering MSc and Ph.D graduate degrees by research. Post-graduate training will provide students with research skills in the most relevant and current technologies (Please refer to post-graduate research programme of the School as well as staff research profiles for more information).

In order to support its research and development activities as well as teaching, the School has well-equipped laboratories which are used to give basic and advanced training in the various biological techniques. Apart from these laboratories, the School is supported by other facilities such as Electron Microscope Unit, Herbarium, Plant House and Fish House.

For research and development activities, the School has collaborations with various international and local universities and research institutes. These collaborations are of primary importance as it can provide new ideas and awareness of emerging technologies for both the academic staff and graduate students.



Centre of excellent for education and research in the field of biological sciences.


  • To provide quality and innovative teaching and learning for its entire degree programme.
  • To achieve research excellence.
  • To establish and enhance the collaboration with industries input and research.
  • To serve the society and country by providing the latest knowledge and technology.

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