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Wan Maznah Wan Omar, Professor


B.Sc (Hons.), Universiti Malaya
M.Sc., Shizuoka University, Japan
Ph.D., Universiti Sains Malaysia
Ext. 3533/5878 ; wmaznah@usm.my


Research is focused on the use of algae, especially diatom to infer water quality characteristics. Algae can serve as an indicator of the water quality deterioration degree, and many algal indicators and indices have been used to assess environmental status. Microalgal-based biomonitoring and laboratory bioassays may prove to be effective tools to characterize the environmental status in which the algae exist, and to detect environmental changes. Research on phytochemical and biological activity evaluation of microalgae is also being carried out. Microalgae provide a rich source of novel genetic material enabling the production of a variety of valuable nutritional and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Conservation and management of Belum-Temengor Forest Eco-Region towards achieving world heritage statusMarxan: Decision Support Tool for Systematic Conservation Planning in Temengor Reservoir
  • Biochemical and genetic diversity of Cyanobacteria along the continental gradients, in response to global climate change
  • Unveiling distribution patterns of periphytic algae along a river basin, by Next Generation Sequencing based approach and a hierarchical framework of algal indices
  • Characterization of the growth and lipid content of Isochrisis maritima under various mass culture heterotrophic systems
  • Adaptive response of phytoplankton to pollution stresses and their use as bioindicator species to assess pollution impact.
  • National Antarctic Research Programme • Academy of Science Malaysia • Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) • British Antarctic Survey (BAS) • Polish Academy of Science • Biotechnology International Research & Development Centre (BIRD), Egypt • Research Center for Limnology, Indonesia • ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, The University of Queensland, Australia •Iranian Fisheries Research Organization, Ministry of Jihad-e-Agricuture, Iran
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