Noor Khalidah Abdul Hamid, Dr
 /  Noor Khalidah Abdul Hamid, Dr

Noor Khalidah Abdul Hamid, Dr


 Noor Khalidah Abdul Hamid

PhD, Deakin University, Australia.

MSc, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

BApp. Sc , Universiti Sains Malaysia,

+604653 3516;

Area of interest: Appetite regulation and Signalling, Aquaculture Nutrition, Freshwater Fish Restoration, Fish Breeding and Freshwater fish larviculture
Deakin University
List of Publications:
  1. Donald JA, Hamid NKA, McLeod Janet 2016 The role of leptin and ghrelin in appetite regulation in the Australian Spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis, during long-term water deprivation. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 244:201-208.
  2. Hamid, N. K. A., Carmona-Antoñanzas, G., Monroig, Ó., Tocher, D. R., Turchini, G. M., & Donald, J. A. 2016 Isolation and functional characterisation of a fads2 in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with Δ5 desaturase activity. PloS one 11.3, : e0150770.
  3. Giri SS, Graham J, Hamid NKA, Donald JA, Turchini GM. 2016 Dietary micronutrients and in vivo n-3 LC-PUFA biosynthesis in Atlantic salmon. Dietary micronutrients and in vivo n− 3 LC-PUFA biosynthesis in Atlantic salmon. Aquaculture, 452, 416-425.
  4. Emery JA, Hermon K, Hamid NKA, Donald JA, Turchini GM.  2013 Δ-6 Desaturase Substrate Competition: Dietary Linoleic Acid (18∶ 2n-6) Has Only Trivial Effects on α-Linolenic Acid (18∶ 3n-3) Bioconversion in the Teleost Rainbow Trout. PLoS One. 8 (2):e57463.
  5. Lewis MJ, Hamid NKA, Alhazzaa R, Hermon K, Donald JA, Sinclair AJ, et al.  2013 Targeted dietary micronutrient fortification modulates n− 3 LC-PUFA pathway activity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Aquaculture. 412:215-22.
  6. Norambuena F, Lewis M, Hamid NKA, Hermon K, Donald JA, Turchini GM. (2013) Fish Oil Replacement in Current Aquaculture Feed: Is Cholesterol a Hidden Treasure for Fish Nutrition? PLoS One. 8(12):e81705.
  7. Donald JA, Hamid NKA, Horvath P, McLeod J.  2012 Appetite regulation in desert-adapted Spinifex hopping mice during water deprivation. The FASEB Journal. 26(1_MeetingAbstracts):1069.4.
  8. Hamid NKA, Mahayat M, Hashim R (2011) Utilization of different carbohydrate sources and starch forms by bagrid catfish (Mystus nemurus) (Cuv & Val)Aquaculture Nutrition 17, e10.
  9. Kua BC, Azmi MA, Hamid NKA (2010) Life cycle of the marine leech (Zeylanicobdella arugamensis) isolated from sea bass (Lates calcarifer) under laboratory conditions. Aquaculture 302, 153-157
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