Mohd Razip Samian ,Professor
 /  Mohd Razip Samian ,Professor

Mohd Razip Samian ,Professor

B.Sc.Tech. (Hons), University of Wales Institute of
Science and Technology, NZ
M.Sc.(Biotech.), Ph.D., University of New South
Wales, Aust.
Ext. 4007:
The research in my laboratory centres around 2 sub-disciplines: 1) molecular genetics of bioplastic (polyhydroxyalkanoic acid, PHA) production in bacteria and 2) structural biology of proteins. Together with colleagues in the school, my lab focusses on using molecular genetics to modify the workhorse for PHA production, Cupriavidus necator H16, to convert plant oils into designer bioplastics. C. necator is able to convert plant oils into PHA efficiently. Figures up to 95% cell dry weight has been reported. The PHA produced naturally, however, possess unfavourable properties such as brittleness and lack of ductility. Designer PHA can be produced to have a range of properties suitable to particular applications. The second sub-discipline is on structural biology, specifically on the the PHA synthase enzyme – the polymerase responsible for synthesising the PHA polyester. Several works had been completed to identify the catalytic triad and key amino acids that are involved in the dimerisation of the PHA synthase. Currently we are working on computer simulation of the PHA synthase as well as trying to determine the 3-D structure by X-ray crystallography.
RIKEN, Japan
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October 2022

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