Mashhor Mansor, Emeritus Professor
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Mashhor Mansor, Emeritus Professor


B.Sc.Drs., Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indon.
Ph.D., St. Andrews, UK
Ext. 3518;
  • Ecology, evolution and diversity of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants.
  • Environmental assessments on species composition and distribution based on statistical and mathematical approaches including using association, cluster and principle compoment analyses.
  • Speciation and succession of introduced and native species. Cladistic classifications are conducted sedges, grasses and aroid.
  • Phenotypic variations and life cycle of 14 endemic species found in Malaysia.
  • Control of aquatic weeds using several methods including herbicides.
  • The feasibility study on Perlis Herbal Garden - Perlis State Forestry Department
  • Pulau Singa Herbal Garden - Kedah State
  • Terengganu State Government
  • MADA
  • Penang Development Corp.
  • RENONG Ltd.
  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Saga University & Nagasaki University, Japan
  • Mississippi State University, USA
  • Groundwater and Civil New Zealand Consultant Ltd.
  • Public Work Department.
  • Penang State Forestry Department
  • Royal CambodianForestry Dept. & Fishery Dept., Cambodia
  • Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
  • ArgentinaAntarctica Institute (AAI)
  • Mashhor M. and M. Asyraf. 2002. Aquatic and riparian plants biodiversity in Ahning Lake, Kedah. In Biodiversity Resources of Ahning Lake, eds. Othman, A.S. and Ali, AB., pp. 38-45. Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.
  • Mashhor, M., O. Sofiman and M. Asyraf. 2002. Management of wetland weeds in aquatic systems. In Constructed Wetlands: design, management and education, eds. Mashhor, M., Lim, P.E. and Shutes, R.B.E., pp. 37- 42. Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.
  • Mashhor, M. 2001. Tropical Peat Swamp: a natural habitat needs to be protected for future generation. In Wetland Conservation. Eds. Bandhu D. and Guha, K. pp. 113 – 118. K. Times Press.
  • Mashhor, M. 1996. Noxious Floating weeds of Malaysia. Hydrobiologia 360: 12 -125
  • Azmi Man and Mansor, M. 1996. Effect of continuos direct seeding on weeds species diversity in Seberang Perai rice granary, Malaysia. MARDI Res. J. 2 (1): 93-100
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