Mahadi Mohammad, Dr
 /  Mahadi Mohammad, Dr

Mahadi Mohammad, Dr


Senior Lecturer 

PhD University of Tasmania, Australia

MSc Universiti Sains Malaysia

BSc (hons) Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ext: 5912;

  • Soft sediment and meiofaunal assemblages
  • Coral reef ecology and management
  • Marine climate adaptations and human impact studies
  • The effects of hydrocarbons on meiofaunal communities in Antarctic
  • Photosynthetic responses of benthic microalgae to elevated seawater temperature: A comparison between polar and tropical ecosystem
  • Soft corals (Octocorallia:Alcyonacea) and nudibranchs (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) in Straits of Malacca, South China Sea, Sulu and Celebes Sea.
  • Ekomar, UKM
  • Institut Biosains, UPM
  • Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Tasmania, Australia
  • Academy of Sciences Malaysia (Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme)
  • Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), Australia.
  • Sazlina Salleh, Andrew McMinn, Mahadi Mohammad, Tan Shau-Hwai and Zulfigar Yasin (2010). Effects of temperature on the photosynthetic parameters of Antarctic benthic microalgal community. ASM Science Journal 4(1).
  • Bakus, Gerald; Nishiyama, Gregory; Hajdu, Eduardo; Mehta, Hetal; Mohammad, Mahadi; Pinheiro, Ulisses; Sohn, Stephen; Pham, Thaddeus; Yasin, Zulfigar; Shau-Hwai, Tan; Karam, Abraham; Hanan, Erin (2007). A comparison of some population density sampling techniques for biodiversity, conservation, and environmental impact studies. Biodiversity and Conservation, 16(9): 2445-2455.
  • Mcminn A., Sellah S, Wan Ab. Llah W. A., Mohammad M., Sidik Merican F. Md., Wan Omar W. M., Samad F., Cheah W., Idris I., Sim Y. K., Wong W. S., Tan S. H. and Yasin Z. (2005). Quantum yield of the marine benthic microflora of near-shore coastal Penang, Malaysia. Marine and Freshwater Research, 56(7): 1047-1053.
  • S. Salleh, Z. Yasin, S.H. Tan and M. Mohammad. 2001. Two Nudibranch Species from the genus Ceratosoma (Chromodorididae) from the South China Sea. Phuket Marine Biological Center Special Publication 25(2) 487-492
October 2022

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