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Foong Swee Yeok, Dr


Senior Lecturer
Dr. Foong Swee Yeok 
Tel: (604)-6533511
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My research interests are concerned with the nutrient fluxes, productivity and restoration ecology of the mangrove ecosystem. I also aim at progressing the fundamental understanding of the coastal Dipterocarp forest and to apply this knowledge to conservation of biodiversity. I am particularly intrigued by the use of mathematical models and GIS to integrate the understanding of the plant-environment interactions.
  • Sea level Rise & its influence on mangrove propagule & seedling development.
  • Simulation Models for propagule dispersal to maximize impact of Mangrove restoration.
  • Satellite based monitoring of the changes & distribution of mangrove using Oceansat-2 data in Malaysia.
  • Carbon Sequestration of Bio-Facade for Building Walls of Malaysia.
  • Space Applications Centre, Ambawadi VIsta P.O., Ahmedabad, India.
  • Coastal & Offshore Engineering Institute, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
  • School of Physic, USM.
  • School of Housing, Building & Planning, USM.
  • Gong, W.K., J.E. Ong, S.Y. Foong, Y, Khairun. & H. Nor Haida. (2002). Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes of a mangrove estuary using a stoichiometrically linked water-salt-nutrient budgets approach. pp 285-302 in: Chen, A.C.T. (ed). Marine Environment: The Past, Present and Future. Fuwen Press,Kaohsiung,Taiwan. ISBN: 957-555-601-1.
  • Nasrollahzadeh, H.S., Din, Z.B. & Foong, S.Y. & Makhlough, A. (2008). Trophic Status of the Iranian Caspian Sea based on Water Quality & Phytoplankton Diversity. Continental Shelf Research 28(9):p1153-1165.
  • Nasrollahzadeh, H.S., Din, Z.B. & Foong, S.Y. & Makhlough, A. (2008). Spatial and temporal distribution of macronutrients and phytoplankton before and after the invasion of the ctenophore, Mnemiopsis leidyi, in the southern Caspian Sea. Chemistry & Ecology: 24(4):233-246.
  • Wong, S.C., Groeneveld, P., Ong, J.E., Gong, W.K., Kumaradevan, S., Yong, W.H.S., Foong, S.Y. & Farquhar, G. (2006). Application of heat balance sap flow gauges in the measurement of transpiration rate of Rhizophora apiculata. Paper presented in the 6th. International Workshop on Measuring Xylem Sap Flow & Its Application to Plant Sciences. University of Western Australia & Research Centre for Plant-Based Management of Dryland Salinity. Perth. 28-30 Nov.2006.
  • Y.Y. Wong, S.Y. Foong, Ahmad Khairi Abd. Wahab , Zulfigar Yasin and Kumaradevan. S. (2010). Propagule Dispersal Pattern of Avicennia marina & Rhizophora apiculata at Kuala Pulau Betong, Penang Island. Paper presented in The 3rd. Internatonal Conference for Environmental Research & Technology, ICERT. Jun 2010, Penang.
  • .Foong, S.Y. (2007). Phosphorus Budget. Paper presented in GEF-UNEP-South China Sea Project: Training Course on Sustainable Mangrove Management. 25 April-8 May 2007, USM, Penang.
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