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Asyraf Mansor, Associate Professor


Associate Professor

Ph.D., Biology, University of London (Dip. Imperial College)
M.Sc., Botany, Universiti Sains Malaysia
B.Sc.(Hons.) Botany, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ext. 6153;

Plant Ecology


Among focal areas of my current research program are the ecology of plant life span, plant-animal interactions, dispersal biology, disturbance biology and invasion biology. I am very much interested in the interaction between plants and animals which are extremely diverse, as complex as it can be and span in various environments; aquatic to terrestrial to atmospheric.
  • The population dynamic of rattan (Arecaceae, subfamily Calamoideae), specifically on the fruits utilization and propagule dispersal by small mammals.
  • The ecology and phylogenetic of Hanguana spp.
  • Determinant of seedling recruitment in Mimosa pigra L., an invasive semi-aquatic plant.
  • none
  • Asyraf M. and Rahmad Z. (2011) The distribution of Palms and Pandans in Teluk Bahang Permanent Forest Reserve, Penang. [Accepted and to be publish in JTAS, 34(1) 2011)]
  • Rahmad, Z., Asyraf, M., Nik-Fadzly, N.R., & Mashhor, M. 2009. Comparison of plant communities at six study plots in Penang forest reserves, Malaysia. Tropical Ecology, 50(2): 259-265.
  • Mashhor Mansor, Asyraf Mansor & Baharuddin Sulaiman (2006) The ecology and plant distribution in two recreational forests of Pulau Pinang. In Ecological Survey on Natural Forests: A case study of Teluk Bahang and Bukit Panchor, eds. Mashhor Mansor and Mohd Yunus Zakaria, pp. 1-32. Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.
  • Asyraf M., Rahmad Zakaria, Mashhor Mansor, Musri Musman and Abu Husin Harun (2012) The Flora Composition of Sabang Island, Aceh, Indonesia. Check List 8(4): 600–609.
  • Patrick Addo-Fordjour, Zakaria B. Rahmad & Mansor Asyraf (2012) Impacts of forest management on liana abundance and liana–tree relationships in a tropical forest in Malaysia and implications for conservation. International Journal of Biodiversity Science,Ecosystem Services & Management. DOI:10.1080/21513732.2012.714798.
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