Amir Shah Ruddin Md Sah, Associate Professor
 /  Amir Shah Ruddin Md Sah, Associate Professor

Amir Shah Ruddin Md Sah, Associate Professor


Associate Professor 
B. Appl. Sc. Hons. (Aquatic) USM
M. Sc (Biology) USM
Ph.D., (Environmental Sciences) UKM
(604)-6533888 ext. 6201

Fish and Fisheries Management, Aquaculture, Limnology and Freshwater Ecology
a) As Principal Researcher Stream Ecology Study at the Surrounding Areas of Hulu Jelai Dam Sites, Pahang. UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA. RM 76,000.00, 1/1/2013-31/12/2016. Stream Ecology Study at the Surrounding Areas of Hulu Terengganu Dam Sites, Terengganu. UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA. RM 132,000.00, 1/1/2013-31/12/2016. Collaboration Works on Marine Ecological Study at Sultan Azlan Shah Power Station Manjung, TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD. RM125,500.00, 16/5/2013-15/5/2015 Effects of Development Towards Sustainable Use of Bukit Merah Reservoir Catchment Area For Water Security - Model From Freshwater Fishes And Primary Productivity. RM192,099.00, 15/7/2012-14/7/2015 b) As Co-researcher The Effects Of Serial Dams On Tropical River Fisheries: Discovering The Key Element In Regulating The Dynamic Trends Of Nutrient, Fish Assemblage And Seston, RM86,000.00, Zarul Hazrin Bin Hashim ,1/12/2013-30/11/2015 The Effects Of Serial Dams On Nutrient Dynamics Along The Perak River. RM196,573.60, Zarul Hazrin Bin Hashim ,1/12/2013-30/11/2015
TNB Research Sdn Bhd Department Of Fisheries Muda Agricultural Development Authorithy (MADA) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
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