The School of Biological Sciences emphasizes interdisciplinary approach in research tapping the potentials of biological sciences (such as microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology), engineering (biochemical engineering) and chemistry. It brings together researchers with different skills and interests in the quest of knowledge in both fundamental and applied sciences, resulting in the widening of the applications and implications of findings in related areas.

For example, current research trend in molecular biology aims to develop a strong understanding in cellular biology. Its goal is to unify the knowledge in the diversified areas of molecular biology – from molecular genetics to structural biology to computational biology – to obtain new insights into the functions of biomolecules and their role in agriculture, mechanism of diseases and the development of biorelated products.

Several members of the faculty investigate aspects of cell culture techniques in plant and animal cells, as described in the academic staff section. In the near future, a proteomics and transgenic laboratory, fully equipped with the latest tools, will be established to compliment the current research programmes. One of the most notable recent achievements is the characterisation and utilisation of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) genes from locally isolated bacteria in the production of biodegradable plastics. The following pages describe a myriad of active research areas pursued by our staff. These are by no means an exhaustive description of research conducted here. The research areas will inevitably evolve with time, responding to available resources and current needs.


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