The Microbiology programme is designed to equip students with knowledge on metabolism, growth, genetics, regulation in microorganisms and the various situation where microorganisms are important to humans and other life forms. In the early part of the programme, courses offered will focus on the microbial world, mainly bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses. Topics will cover the history of the development of microbiology, the status of microorganisms in the world of living things and diversity of microorganisms based on their morphology, fine structures, physiology, biochemistry and growth. Topics including basic methods in the maintenance of microorganisms, cultivation, isolation, enumeration and methods in sterilization will aslo be part of the programme.

Subsequently students will be exposed in detail on various groups of microorganisms and immunology. This will then be followed by discussion on microbial classification and aspects related to microbial physiology, biochemistry and genetics. The characteristics of antigens and human immunological response systems will also be part of the immunology course. Students will also be exposed to several applied courses in microbiology which will enable them to understand the role of microorganisms in the field of industry, agriculture, medicine and environment.


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