The School of Biological Sciences offers postgraduate degrees in microbiology, zoology, botany, environmental biology, applied parasitology, aquatic biology, plant pathology, applied entomology and biotechnology. The programmes provide a conducive atmosphere for students to conduct independent and original research, where excellent supervision and guidance are provided by academic staffs who are accomplished specialists in their respective scientific disciplines.
All students are required to conduct original research culminating in a thesis. Such postgraduate research work is typically published in refereed journals. All our graduate students are encouraged to publish their work in reputable journals. The postgraduate curriculum provides the greatest flexibility for the student who may wish to tailor a study programme to suit his/her individual interest.

The student-advisor relationship is commendable and promotes a kind of informality and personalized instruction not available at most institutions. Many of our successful postgraduate students go on to occupy key positions in academic, research institutions and private companies in this country and abroad.

While in the higher degree programme, candidates are required to present research findings to the School every year in a Seminar. At the end of the study, candidates are required to submit a thesis which compiles research evidences to be evaluated by examiners. The candidate is also required to attend an oral examination to defend the thesis. The duration of candidacy, entrance requirements and fees are as stated in the Higher Degree Pamphlet issued by the Institute of Post Graduate Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Any enquiries about the postgraduate programme may be directed to the Institute of Postgraduate Studies. alternatively, prospective candidate may contact individual academic staff to discuss possible research topic and supervision.


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