Plant Tissue and Cell Culture Laboratory Plant Biotechnology Laboratory

The laboratory is involved in:

  • The micropropagation of fruit trees, ornamentals and medicinal plants.
  • The production of useful compounds using plant cell culture techniques.
  • Establishment of plant cvyopreservation technology
  • Agrobacterium - mediated transformation of selected plants

The laboratory offers the following services:

  • Consultation service for setting up Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory.
  • Training of tissue culture skills to laboratory personnels and plant growers.
  • Custom multiplication of tissue culture plants or contract propagation of new plant varieties.
  • Custom research and development for interested organization and consultancy for mass propagation and plant cell culture facilities.
  • Contract development of plant tissue culture media.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sreeramanan Subramaniam :
Dr. Chew Bee Lynn :