Microscopy Unit

The microscopy unit provides imaging services of biological and material specimens using the electron and light microscopes with digital imaging capability. Clients include academic and research institutions as well as the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The instruments available are:

1. EFTEM Libra 120- Carl Zeiss
2.Transmission electron microscope (TEM ) Phillips CM12 with Docu Version 3.2 image analysis
3. Scanning electron microscope (FESEM) (Carl Zeiss Leo Supra 50 VP Field Emission equipped with Oxford INCA - X energy dispersive microanalysis system )

An array of Olympus compound and stereo light microscope equipped with digital camera and image analysis system.

The unit also offers a training course in microscopy for graduate students and academic staffs particularly in sample preparations and Ultramicrotomy.

Mr. Muhammad Nasrul Bin Abu Bakar
Mr. Johari Othman
Mr. Masrul Mansor
Mrs. Nor Faizah Hamid
















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