Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is actively involved in biological research; to study any linkages, similarities or differences of biological processes between Polar and the Tropical environments. Our scientists being from a Tropical country have good knowledge on the Tropical environment, would be able to contribute to Polar science based upon their tropical experiences. In terms of global issues such as climate change, we undertake research into the links between Antarctic, Arctic and Tropics.
Research areas and specializations of the Antarctic biology group are:

- The diversity and taxonomy of Antarctic cyanobacteria and other microflora.

- Antarctic freshwater algae as potential bioindicators for anthropogenic disturbance and climate change.

- Biochemical & genetic diversity of cyanobacteria/microalgae along the Continental gradients, in response to global climate change.

- Application of metagenomics for Antarctic research

- Transportation of pollen & surface pollen distribution in the Antarctic

- Understanding adaptive mechanisms through gene and enzyme studies from Antarctic microbes

- Isolation of diazotrophs from Polar environments and understanding their survival mechanisms;

- Lipase from psychrophilic microorganisms isolated from Polar samples

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