Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Dr. Nik Fadzly N Rosely

B. Sc.(Hons) (Zoology),Universiti Sains Malaysia
M.Sc. (Environmental Ecology), Universiti Sains Malaysia
Ph.D. (Ecology and Evolutionary), Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Tel: (604)-653 5489



Research Profile

  • Visual signalling in plant animal interactions
  • General Zoological studies
  • Visual modelling

My research encompasses various fields ranging from botany to zoology. One of my main interest is combining technology (both software and hardware) for fundamental research.  Our new project involves the use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones for conservation effort.


Orangutan nest

Orangutan nest pictures captured using drone.

Current Research


  • Counting abilities and number sense in animals
  • Signals in plant-animal interactions: Evolutionary tactics of plants and animals
  • Conservation of Orangutan
  • Spines and thorns of various Rattan species



  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Keele

Selected Publications

10 Selected publications

  1. Fadzly, N., Jack, C., Schaefer, H. M., & Burns, K. C. (2009). Ontogenetic colour changes in an insular tree species: signalling to extinct browsing birds?. New Phytologist184(2), 495-501.
  2. Fadzly, N., & Burns, K. C. (2010). Hiding from the ghost of herbivory past: evidence for crypsis in an insular tree species. International journal of plant sciences171(8), 828-833.
  3. Fadzly, N., & Burns, K. C. (2010). What weta want: colour preferences of a frugivorous insect. Arthropod-Plant Interactions4(4), 267-276.
  4. Zakaria, R., Mansor, A., Fadzly, N., Rosely, N., & Mansor, M. (2009). Comparison of plant communities at six study plots in Penang forest reserves, Malaysia. Tropical Ecology50(2), 259.
  5. Mutalib, A. H. A., Fadzly, N., & Foo, R. (2013). Striking a balance between tradition and conservation: general perceptions and awareness level of local citizens regarding turtle conservation efforts based on age factors and gender. Ocean & coastal management78, 56-63.
  6. Mutalib, A., Hasanah, A., Fadzly, N., Ahmad, A., & Nasir, N. (2015). Understanding nesting ecology and behaviour of green marine turtles at Setiu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Marine Ecology36(4), 1003-1012.
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