Senior Lecturer
B.Sc.(Hons.), Universiti Malaya
M.Sc., Universiti Sains Malaysia
Ext. 4006;

Research Profile

  • Antituberculosis drug discovery from natural products and chemical compounds
  • TB epidemiology
  • Environmental pollution
  • Antimicrobial studies

Current Research


  • Antituberculosis drug discovery from natural products and chemical compounds-In vitro screening: 
    -In silico virtual screening
    -Synergistic study
  • TB epidemiology study using Geographical Informatics System
  • Microbial profiling of environmental pollution
  • Antimicrobial studies of natural products and chemical compounds


Selected Publications

  • S. Mohamad, P. Ibrahim and A. Sadikun (2004). Susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to isoniazid and its derivative, 1-isonicotinyl-2-nonanoyl hydrazine: investigation at cellular level. Tuberculosis. 84: 56-62.
  • Nornisah Mohamad, Shaida Fariza Sulaiman, Suriyati Mohamad, Zuraini Zakaria and Habibah A. Wahab (2005). Siri Terapi Alam Semula Jadi: Khasiat Ulam-ulaman. Penang: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia. ISBN 983-3391-22-2.
  • Suriyati Mohamad, Pazilah Ibrahim and Habibah A. Wahab (2007). Effects of isoniazid on viability, cell morphologies and acid-fastness properties of Mycobacterium avium NCTC 8559 during the growth cycle. Chemotherapy. 53: 263-266.
  • Afsheen Arshad, Hasnah Osman, Kit-lam Chan and Suriyati Mohamad (2010). Isolation, characterisation and biological evaluation of novel cyclic polyamides from Salvadora oleoides Decne. Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Supplement No. 1.
  • Nabihah Mohd Zin, Suriyati Mohamad, Pazilah Ibrahim, Shaida Fariza Sulaiman and Anis Safirah Mohd Zahariluddin (2010). In vitro synergy study of Angiopteris evecta methanolic extract with antituberculosis drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Supplement No. 1.
  • Noviany, Hasnah Osman, Suriyati Mohamad, Wong Keng Chong, Anis Safirah Mohd Zahariluddin and Nabihah Mohd Zin (2010). Antituberculosis flavanoids from the root of Sesbania grandilora (L.) Pers. (2010). Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.. Supplement No.1.
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