chew Bee Lynn Senior Lecturer
BSc. Hons (Biotechnology with Management) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 
Ph.D., The University of Nottingham (UK)
Ext. 3521;
Areas of Interest :
Plant Biotechnology, Transgenic plants

Research Profile

The study of the umami flavour as the fifth sense; development of animal in vitro cell
culture as an efficent reporter system; flavour perception and sensation; taste receptor
cell assay; transformation and transgenic plant technology.

Current Research

The establishment of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), eggplant (Solanum melongena) and chilli (Capsicum annuum) transformation and in-vitro culture .


Study on the glutmate decarboxylase (GAD) gene expression and the effects on flavour in tomato and eggplant.


The establishment of cell suspension culture for belalai gajah Clinacanthus nutans and its mechanism on selected cancer cells


The in-vitro micropropagation of Ficus carica for large scale plantlet production.



In-vitro Root and callus induction in Clitoria ternatea 


School of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Selected Publications

Graham B. Seymour, Natalie H. Chapman, Bee Lynn Chew and Jocelyn K.C. Rose (2012) Regulation of Ripening and Opportunities for Control in Tomato and other Fruits. Plant Biotechnology Journal11 (3), 269-278

Bee Lynn Chew & Graham B. Seymour (2013) The effects of glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) RNAi knockout in tissue cultured transgenic tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). Plant Omics Journal 6 (1), 13-17

Bee Lynn Chew (2014) Umami: The infamous fifth sense, Biobulettin, The School of Biological Sciences USM

Jasim Uddain, Pavallekoodi Gnasekaran, Latiffah Zakaria, Chew Bee Lynn And Sreeramanan Subramaniam (2015) The Effect Of Different Growth Media, Carbon Source And Pgrs On Dendrobium Broga Giant Orchid’s Protocorm-Like Bodies (Plbs) Proliferation Supported With SEM And TEM Analysis. Pakistan Journal of Botany47(2): 587-593

Jessica Jeyanthi James Antony, Rabiatul Addawiyah Shamshir, Ranjetta Poobathy, Chew Bee Lynn, Sreeramanan Subramaniam (2015) Somaclonal variations was not induced by the cryopreservation: Levels of somoclonal variations of in vitro and thawed protocorms of Dendrobium Bobby Messina analysed by SCOT and TRAP DNA markersSouth African Journal of Botany, 100 (2015): 148–157

Qian Yi Phua & Bee Lynn Chew (2015) The Sabah snake grass - a medicinal plant with wonders, Biobulettin, The School of Biological Sciences USM

Jasim Uddain, Latiffah Zakaria, Chew Bee Lynn & Sreeramanan Subramaniam (2015) Preliminary assessment onAgrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Dendrobium Broga Giant orchid's PLBs. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, In Press

Lim Ying Houng & Bee Lynn Chew (2016) Broccoli: Flowers for Food and Health, Biobulettin, The School of Biological Sciences USM

Qian Yi Phua, Chee Keong Chin, Ziyad Rafiqi Mohammad Asri, Danny Yue Aun Lam, Sreeramanan Subramaniam & Bee Lynn Chew (2016) The Callugenic Effects Of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid (2,4-D) On Leaf Explants Of Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) Pakistan Journal of Botany48(2): 561-566

Tan Li Vern,Jolene Anthony Dass, Sreeramanan Subramaniam and Chew Bee Lynn (2016) A take on the fig, The Petridish Science Newspaper, Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre.